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The Meaning Behind LAMB

LAMB is our desire to partner with clients that want to LEAD the market, ACHIEVE their goals, MOTIVATE their employees and BELIEVE they can one step at a time with my help. So putting my name behind my work as LAMB Solutions is my guarantee that quality and performance matter.
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I have been in sales, marketing and management for the past 10 years. From having my own photography business to being ranked # 1 in personal sales in the country with a national jewelry company, managing a sales team of over 100 team members to 3 years working with clients on media buys for television and digital advertising to now currently doing it all running my own advertising agency since June of 2015.
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Our Most Requested Services

Full Service And Cliet Driven

Full Service And Client Driven

Messaging and Branding
We will work with you to find your story and what makes you stand out. We will employ questionnaires, interviews, and spend time analyzing customer data. We then make sure the messaging is consistent and refined. We will help you and your teams communicate your story and value in a uniform manner that sticks in the customers mind and makes every ad dollar you spend more impactful.
Media Planning
By leveraging years of experience and key contacts we will research, plan, negotiate and place broadcast, print, outdoor and online media in a number of media markets. Negotiating on your behalf we can get you more ads for the dollar and at no extra cost to you.
Public Relations
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Specialty Marketing
We can arm your sales teams with one of a kind, creative, and though out promotions and campaigns. If your sales need a bump or you have a need to move inventory we can deisgn a crafty campaign created to bring significant returns.
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