Why I Started
LAMB Solutions Advertising Agency

I decided I wanted to help clients with all their forms of advertising and offer them a one stop shop. I enjoyed working in television and digital sales but I always felt like just working with a piece of the pie wasn’t enough, I wanted to help more. So now I can help with just a portion of someone’s advertising or the whole pie. When you look at all the different forms of advertising available it can be overwhelming and something some businesses just don’t do because of the time that goes into it. I wanted to be able to assist and simplify it for business owners so they can put the time into the front lines that they need to.

Most business owners don’t have time to meet with one or two extra people in their busy schedules let alone possibly many more depending on the avenues of advertising and marketing they want to use for their business. I can stream line the whole plan from start to finish. I am a full service agency so I can help with creative, placement and management for television, radio, digital, billboards and print.

Who Do I Partner With?


There is no business too big or too small that I cannot help. All just depends on what you need for your business. Advertising and marketing is customized for each client. We will make a plan that fits your needs and budget. When you get in touch with me, we will have a relaxed meeting and outline your goals first. With your goals properly outlined the real work can begin. Also a political group, or non-profit will benefit the expertise and guidance no matter the size or budget.

What Does LAMB Stand For?

Leaders Achievers Motivators Believers

LEADERS- It is my job to work hand in hand with my clients and assist them in being the leaders in the market.

ACHIEVERS- No matter how simple or large of a goal helping a client go to the next level and achieve their goals is what I know I was meant to do.

MOTIVATORS- I can help motivate your sales team with training or potential customers to come thru my client’s doors with the right advertising plan.

BELIEVERS- I believe I can help make a difference in someone’s business and I want to assist my clients in letting their potential customers believe in their products or services too.

So putting my name behind my work as LAMB Solutions is what I am all about and I am looking forward to partnering with clients that want to LEAD the market, ACHIEVE their goals, MOTIVATE their employees and BELIEVE they can one step at a time with my help.

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